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This is the digital home of my illustration projects, scientific visualisations and media, and other bits and pieces. Thanks for visiting!

Illustration: My illustration work involves a mixture of traditional media, digital imaging and silly ideas, manifested in formats such as a children’s picture book.

Science media: My science-related projects include an educational poster about slime, images for the covers of scientific journals, animations about bacterial behaviour, and websites.

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Yeast cells and music

Yeast cells respond to sound

This image illustrates recent research at the Centre for Microbial Innovation (at the University of Auckland), which demonstrated that – somewhat surprisingly – sound has a significant effect upon the growth and metabolism of yeast cells. The image is a composite of electron microscope imagery and 3-d models.

The research is published here: R. Aggio, V. Obolonkin, and S. G. Villas-Bôas., 2011. Sonic vibration affects the metabolism of yeast cells growing in liquid culture: a metabolomic study. Metabolomics.

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